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Version 2.0.3 now online!!


Change log

 Version 2.0.3

- Samsung Theme Designer supports GT-S5750E(Wave575/bada 2.0) for bada 2.0 Phone in addition to bada 1.x Phone.
- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports GT-S5780(Wave578/bada 2.0).
- Some parts of User Guide, Help and Tutorial Movie are updated according to the Theme Forums and bada Developers site renewal.
- LockScreen of bada 2.x Phone has been separated with Idle Screen on Preview and Treeview Window for user¡¯s convenience.


Version 2.0.2


- GT-S7230E(Wave723/bada 2.0) is included both in bada 1.x and bada 2.x phone type.

- The version management of Samsung Theme Designer has been separated with English and Chinese version.

- The bug that png file in flash sub directory was zipped to qmg format while exporting has been fixed.



Version 2.0.1


- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports GT-S5380(Wave Y/bada 2.0).



Version 2.0.0
- Theme type has been changed to bada 1.x / Feature(Touch) / Feature(NonTouch) Phone Theme.
- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports bada 2.x Phone Theme type.
- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports GT-S8600(Wave III/bada 2.x) and GT-S7250(Wave M/bada 2.x).

Version 1.0.5
- Validating process before exporting themes has been improved.
- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports GT-C6712(Collins/TouchWiz 3.0).


Version 1.0.4
- Some errors on preview screen have been fixed for Wave525, Wave533, Wave575 and Wave723.
- Sample showcases with 240x320 resolution have been added for TouchWiz 3.0.
- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports GT-S3850(Frappe/TouchWiz 3.0).

Version 1.0.3
- Service information for Samsung Apps and WAP has been displayed on the model information of Create New Dialog.
- Samsung Theme Designer newly supports GT-S5260(Regent/TouchWiz 3.0).

Version 1.0.2
- Unused Mainmenu icons have been removed in TouchWiz 3.0.
- Samsung Theme Designer supports GT-S8530(Wave II/TouchWiz 3.0), GT-S5750E(Wave575/TouchWiz 3.0), GT-B2710(Makalu/Non-Touch) and GT-E3210ZC(Caspi/Non-Touch).

Version 1.0.1
- The function of creating a log file on each step has been improved. The log file would be helpful to solve some problems when it happens.
- Some icons in the Showcases have been changed.
- Samsung Theme Designer supports GT-S5330(Wave533/TouchWiz 3.0), GT-S5580(QinQin/Non-Touch) and GT-S5520(Spring/Non-Touch).